*one person



 *2+ family members in      same household

per visit


While we strongly suggest regular on-going care to detect and catch subluxation early, I want to serve my clients well and where they are.



$30 per treatment



We strongly recommend that every family decide to make subluxation detection and remediation part of their monthly budget. To do that JFC has a very affordable membership plan. It includes all visits and care received during that month for the fee for that month. This is not a mechanism to receive 'cheap' or 'low-cost' Chiropractic care. It is a way to care for your family.

Individual & Family Plans

No Commitments 

Quality Care for Infants, Children and Adults

Memberships are based off an average of 4 weeks per month and 48 weeks per year. This accommodates 4 weeks for seminars, holidays and vacations.