July Updates

Hi all!

Happy 4th of July!! Here is your monthly dose of office info, things I'm enjoying and/or things I'm seeing frequently in the office.

  • Changes to the office schedule - the office will be closed Thursday, July 4th, Friday, July 5th and Monday, July 8th.

  • Article I'm Reading - The Posture Series: Part 1 - Posture and Cardiopulmonary Function - Rene Caillet MD, author and director of physical medicine and rehabilitation at USC, says “lung capacity can be reduced by as much as 30%” in individuals with a thoracic kyphosis [2].” This thoracic kyphosis is “very closely linked with several other postural imbalances that play off each-other including: forward head posture, cervical flexion, rounded shoulders, scapular abduction and winging, internal humeral rotation and depressed ribs [2].” This is a big focus in the office and chiropractic in general and limits breathing which I think is very important in overall health and wellness. (I'll post the more of the series next month). https://spinalresearch.com.au/the-posture-series-part-1/

  • Recipe I'm Excited To Try - Cucumber Lime Jalapeno Popsicles - https://www.xptlife.com/recipe-feel-cool-cucumber-lime-jalapeno-popsicles-from-solluna/ This seems to be the perfect treat for the hot summer days with a lot less sugar than most popsicles.

  • Quote - Adjusting Children - "The upper cervical spine in a child is not as mature as an adults would be. The flatter lateral masses of C1 and a larger head:body ratio/size, as well as weaker musculoskeletal development make the upper cervical spine on a child MUCH more susceptible to subluxation and therefore will be the first place a child would need to be checked and adjusted. As the child develops and their spines matures, they will need less adjustments overall and their default alignment will be better." - Ian Shtulman DC

  • Common Issue I'm Seeing In The Office - I am seeing a lot of weak/inhibited hamstrings and glutes which can lead to lower back pain, calf pain, Achilles tendonitis and/or plantar fasciitis. This issue can be exacerbated by sitting a lot. A no equipment needed fix is 2 variations of the bridge. Hamstring Bridge - https://youtu.be/v3l8ph8UUck Glute Bridge - this version is performed with abducted and externally rotated hips which has been shown to have the level of glute max muscle activation that is greater than the conventional technique - https://youtu.be/R74FKBXvB6A

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and I will see you next week! As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.