April Updates

April Updates

Its the time of year when we start getting outside to exercise, move around and play with the kids. This email will cover running and I'm going to give you a lot of information that has really helped me and changed the way I run to keep myself healthy.

  • Quote - "Every year, anywhere from 65 to 80 percent of all runners suffer an injury" -Born to Run

  • Videos I'm re-watching - These videos are great because they explain running technique in an easy to digest way. 

  • Prehab/Rehab - Common weakness I find in runners and cyclists. Hamstrings, Psoas (hip flexors), Feet and Hip Abductors - these weaknesses can cause lower back pain, hip pain and knee pain. Strength work on the muscles above will often times help these symptoms.

  • Books - Born to Run by Christopher McDougall - this book is a great, entertaining, quick read about the Tarahumara Indian tribe and running. Ready to Run by Kelly Starett - a checklist book on 12 things to keep you a healthy runner. Power Speed Endurance by Brian Mackenzie - purely a technique book on running, cycling and swimming.

  • Changes to the office schedule - none in April.